Hey there, I’m Kelly!

Grab an apple or a gluten free cupcake and pull up a stool!

Here you will find original, mostly gluten free recipes, healthier remakes, kitchen tips, and more to support an overall healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry- there are desserts too! Life is short…

If you’re looking for pretentious food, you won’t find any here! Just delicious, mainly-wholesome dishes that don’t require 36,485 ingredients and 8 hours in the kitchen. And yes- butter, cream, bacon, and pasta are luscious; thanks professional chefs; but, we can’t eat that way everyday. Who knew flavor, fit, and fun could all go together?!?

About Me

My love for food began at a very early age, but it quickly escalated toward the end of college. So many years without a kitchen, left me enthusiastically cooking and baking during each school break. During my first few years as a special education teacher, preparing dinner became my solace after busy, stressful days. Then, I wanted to share my love of cooking and drive to use lots of fresh and healthy ingredients. So, I began teaching cooking classes locally with children and adults. Now, I am a recipe developer/writer, culinary instructor, food stylist, and photographer.

Growing up with my grandmother next door, I had a front-row seat to daily homecooked lunches, which never included a sandwich. From scalloped potatoes, chicken pot pie, and giant chocolate chip cookies, she created it all. To this day, my Dad still says she made the BEST chocolate icing! (And she wasn’t even his mom.) So, many of my skills come from her and the school of life; however, I was able to make a dream come true and received a bit of formal training. A few years ago, I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to study pastry, you know- the croissant capital of the world. 🙂

“The kitchen is my happy place!
I hope it can be yours too- or you can come hang out in mine.”


Go-to meal:
stir-fried veggies with chicken and sweet potato waffle fries

Favorite food: cookies & cream ice cream (has anyone made a gluten free version yet???)

Biggest food weakness: dark chocolate

Food dislikes: mayo, pickles, anchovies, and black licorice

Signature drink: lots of water (and a bit of white wine)

Favorite workout:
running or walking outside (I hate treadmills!)

Least favorite chore: dishes!

Non-food hobbies: traveling, reading, coffee chats, and mini adventures

Something I never thought I would say: I eat around 2,000 calories a day and have never been healthier or slimmer.

Embarrassing food prep story: the fire department showed up during a cooking class (we were preheating the oven and someone had previously made bacon, which created smoke)


Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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